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Assalamu-alaikum. Myself, Colonel Md. Rashidul Islam Khan, SGP, Psc, G (Retd) is delighted to present before you the web site of our newly established institution. Knowledgium School & College is now ready to set it’s journey towards a challenge - that is shaping the future of the country by making our new generation truly educated. Our aim is very simple ‘Besides achieving academic excellence, we also want to make each student a good human being’. We’ll nourish each student with love and care and provide effective supportive environment so that they can achieve their personal best in all areas of the curriculum. A set of experienced and fresh teachers are highly committed and motivated to deliver quality education. Through continuous motivation, we will try to develop a positive attitude among the students and encourage them to develop a healthy relationship with all the members of the society- especially parents, teachers and friends. We also believe that traditional and ethical values go a long way in building a charming personality and ideal character of the students.

Knowledgium School & College is a new institution. Unlike many other institutions, we do not claim it to be the best one. But we can certainly assure you that we will work hard to make it a high performing institution and with our concerted efforts, we will turn it into one of the few schools of first choice for people who want to make their children educated in the true sense of the term.

You can rely on us. We give you an unequivocal guarantee to help your child grow in a balanced way - that is what our children need most in present time.

                                                                             Colonel (Retd)

                                                                             Md. Rashidul Islam Khan, SGP, Psc, G

                                                                             Principal, Knowledgium School & College

Col Md. Rashidul Islam Khan, SGP, Psc, G (Retd)
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