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“Knowledgium” is an exceptional name where individual grooming gets priority over academic curricula.   All will agree that a kind of uncertainty and restlessness is prevailing in our education sector. Desperate to get GPA-5, our students are being tempted to resort to any means-right or wrong. The teachers have limited their responsibilities to result based private coaching instead of ideal class room teaching. The parents are left with no option but to accept it though majority of them do not like this type of situation. The leakage of questions before the public exams has further aggravated the agonies of the whole nation. And finally, the results of admission tests at different universities show a very dark and gloomy picture of our education system. In fact, we are going to ruin our future generation. If it continues, we’ll turn ourselves into an inactive paralyzed nation. That is why; we firmly believe that before being a good student, each student has to be a good human being for the greater interest of mankind. With this thought in mind, some retired senior army and civil officers with their huge experience in education related jobs, have established Knowledgium School and College in order to build the future generation as properly educated good human being. It started its’ journey from 1st January 2018. The founding Principal of this institution is Colonel Md. Rashidul Islam Khan, SGP, psc, G (retd) and Vice Principal is Mr. Sayeed Ahmed. A good set of experienced and fresh teachers are employed to achieve the set goal of the institution. Frankly speaking, from the very beginning of school life, we’ll try to instill a high sense of morality amongst all students and gradually they will be trained to build themselves as efficient human resources who will face the challenges of the modern world. For this a well-orchestrated effort by all parties are needed. We believe that our sincere effort and direct practical experiences will help us to create an environment conducive to making truly educated good human being for our nation.

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